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 70 lvl hunter application

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PostSubject: 70 lvl hunter application   Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:06 am

Character name / lvl : Romkowa 70 lvl

Class / Spec : Hunter / 0/13/48

Profession : Mining 375 / Engineering 361

Are you willing to respec to meet raid requirements if needed?: Yes, im experienced with Beast Mastery, and a bit Marksmanship

Why do you want to join us(1) / what is your guild history if any(2):

1.Because im looking for good and friendly guild PvE ofc Razz i dont really have any important reason, only that, ive got two friends in your guild Razz

2.The Inner Circle - leveling guild, made by my friends, disbanned
Renegades of Darknes - not-yet-clearing Kara guild, disbanned
Slavers - Kara and Gruul clearing guild, few bosses in ZA, disbanned

What do you expect from us(1)/can contribute to the guild(2):

1.Im expecting friendly atmosphere, and some and raids ^^
2.helpful guy, who likes heroics Razz also cc xD

What is your end game experiences :

Pre TBC: ZG to High Priest Thekal. TBC : Kara cleared, Gruul cleared, TK wiped at VR 30% or something.

What is your RL age: 15. i know im too young for your needs, but i can be serious if needed Razz

Tell us something about yourself, Likes/Dislikes:

My name is Chris im 15 years old, male from Poland. i like music Razz
hard rock and every kind of metal (black not really ;P) also i like cycling.i dont like rap and techno music, most of all i hate pop Razz i have time to play after school, 5 pm - 2 am longer in weekends. thats all i think Smile.

A link to your character sheet on Armory:

Cheers Razz
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PostSubject: Re: 70 lvl hunter application   Mon Mar 17, 2008 5:40 pm

Welcome to our forums. An officer will whisper you in game asap and discuss your application.
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70 lvl hunter application
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